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Magna Technologies provides U.S. and international manufacturers access to global partners and buyers. We help promote products and create business opportunities. Magna Technologies has special agreements and joint-venture arrangements to provide turnkey solutions and systems. A partial list includes:

  • CALIBRATION LABS — Working with Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, Keysight, Fluke, IET Labs, Mahr Federal, Starrett, Lindgren, Western Environmental, and several other manufacturers, Magna Technologies has set-up Turnkey calibration labs for Microwave, High-Voltage/EHT, Physical Calibration, Quality Control usage. We also have long-time capabilities for providing Medical Calibration Equipment for hospitals, and turnkey installations of Cleanrooms.
  • RESEARCH LABS — Working with universities and governments, Magna Technologies has set-up, and upgraded Research Labs for undergraduates, graduate students, and research facilities, including: Optics / Laser Labs, Artificial Intelligence Labs, Environmental Measurement Labs, Electro-Optics Lab, Mechatronics / Robotics Lab, and several others.
  • OIL & GAS / REFINERY — Working with internationally recognized manufacturers, Magna Technologies has provided off-shore Oil Rigs, Refineries, and Pipeline customers with refueling equipment, valves, pumps, communication, safety equipment, as well as complete spare parts support.
  • DEFENSE PROJECTS — Magna Technologies has assisted Governments and Militaries with supply of equipment and turnkey upgrades for Radar Installations, Radar upgrade & Repair Workshops, Maritime Survelliance, Mobile Medical Calibration Vehicles, EOD Equipment, Security and Mobile X-ray equipment.
  • PARAMOTORS — For military use, we provide MIL-SPEC motorized para-gliders which can be used as low-cost surveillance, riot control, border patrol, drug-enforcement, or other strategic military missions. In addition, using special custom-made attachments the unit can be used as an agricultural spraying unit — greatly decreasing the time and expense of crop-spraying/dusting. See www.Paramotors-USA.com.

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